CBRE Hotter than Apple and Tesla

CBRE Sweden’s HR Manager tells Nordic Property News about the work that led the company to a top ranking on Forbes's list of best employers.

When Forbes recently published a list of the United States's best employers for graduates, the CBRE ended up in 24th place, far ahead of traditional hyped companies like Tesla (89th place) and Apple (76th place). In addition, CBRE is the only real estate company to make the prestigious 250-seat list.

"We are very proud to be among the top 25 and that we are the only commercial real estate company on the list. We also see that our employer's brand in Sweden is strong and many interesting candidates, both junior and experienced, contact us and are interested in us as an employer. Employees are the most important asset of a consultancy company and we at CBRE work very actively with issues related to employee skills, skills development and internal mobility,” says Sofia Rozlucki, Head of Human Resources at CBRE in Sweden.

Forbes ranking is the result of employee surveys where participants were asked to share their opinions about their employers on criteria such as atmosphere, development opportunities, working conditions, pay and diversity, and how likely they would be to recommend their employers.

"We are actively working to create a learning culture through continuous feedback talks and reconciliation where we share our experiences within and between our business areas. We do this at weekly breakfast meetings, weekly letters, team meetings, individual meetings and monthly letters from the management team and CEO. The goal is to create dialogue, feel part and have great transparency,” Sofia Rozlucki says.

The ranking is based on CBRE's US operations. How do you "work" at CBRE Sweden your American counterparts?

"In Sweden, we are working like our international colleagues.The headquarters are in the United States and it affects – in a positive way – our culture, values and working methods.”

"We are offered a broad HR platform from the United States, and for that reason we are given great freedom to develop national offers, which in my experience is the best of worlds."

This article was originally published in Nordic Property News 2018-10-01.

Sofia Sandell

Sofia Sandell

Sofia arbetar inte längre på CBRE. Du får gärna kontakta Eugenia Duarte Walker, People Manager, CBRE Sweden.
Sofia har lång erfarenhet inom rekrytering, ledarskap- och medarbetarutveckling och employer branding från ett flertal olika branscher.

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