Phil Rist

Phil Rist

Phil has left CBRE. Please contact Daniel Holmkvist with any questions you may have. Mail: Phil worked as our Head of Hotel Valuations, Consultancy, and Strategic Advisory Team.

05, 2019

European Hotel Investment Sustains High Tempo

Ca 30 sekunders läsning
Following a record-breaking 2018, the European hotel investment has had a robust start to the year, maintaining a volume of €23.0 billion for the rolling 12-months to end Q1 2019. Read more in CBREs Market View Snapshot for Hotel Investments, Q1 2019.
01, 2019

Plugging the Hotel Shortage Gap in the Nordics - Part 2: Budget & Long-Stay Segments

Ca 3 minuters läsning
Following the article on December 14th, 2019, regarding the Nordic hotel markets, we now highlight two hotel sectors which remain significantly under-supplied across all major Nordic cities: Budget & Long-Stay Segments in Part 2.
12, 2018

Plugging the Hotel Shortage Gap in the Nordics - Part 1: Concept Differentiation

Ca 4 minuters läsning
Tourism continues to flourish in the Nordics with airport passenger arrivals, total visitor numbers and the total number of overnight stays all continuing to grow year on year. This growth is not simply a result of domestic demand but also significant increases in demand from overseas travelers. Part 1: Concept Differentiation

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