CBRE Swedish Office Market Snapshot Q1 2021

It is time for our popular Snapshots. First out for Q1-21 is the Office Market Snapshot.

Office Transaction Volume

The first quarter for office investments have started off quite cautiously. Transactions have been mainly smaller in size, but number of deals were slightly higher than the
first quarter of last year. Cross border volumes have been slim, as travel restrictions remain an impediment.

The effects of Covid-19

In the leasing market we have seen that the activity has picked up, although the vacancy rate remains higher than before the Covid-19 breakout.

Potential long-term effects due to the pandemic in the office market will show as more people have been vaccinated, likely in the 3rd quarter.

Read more in the report.

CBRE-office-snapshot-q1Please contact Anders Hansén with questions or if you would like to book a meeting with our advisors.

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Anders Hansén

Anders Hansén

Anders arbetar som Head of Advisory & Transaction Services, Occupier. Occupier teamet fokuserar på hyresgästrådgivning. De vägleder företag i lokalförsörjningsfrågor, hyresavtal, lokalstrategier, mm. Deras mål är att göra lokalen till en bättre och mer produktiv arbetsplats.

Kontaktuppgifter: +46701424239

Download the CBRE Swedish Office Market Snapshot Q1 2021


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