Set for a record year! CBRE Sweden Investment Market Snapshot Q3 2021

Q3 has been strong for the investments in the residential market and there is continued strong demand for industrial & logistics real estate.  Read the details in the Snapshot. 

Now and the future

Office and Healthcare are another two segments, which showed growth of investments.

Investments in the Office segment have the potential to increase during Q4.


Download the CBRE Sweden Investment Market Snapshot Q3 2021, below.

For more information, please contact:
Capital Markets – Patrik Kallenvret
Research – Dzmitry Fando
Valuation – Daniel Holmkvist
A&T Occupier – Anders Hansén

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Patrik Kallenvret

Patrik Kallenvret

Patrik Kallenvret är VD på CBRE Sweden och utgår ifrån Stockholmskontoret. I tillägg till VD-uppdraget arbetar Patrik med Capital Markets.
Kontaktuppgifter: +46767633341

Download CBRE Swedish Investment Market Snapshot Q3 2021


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