Swedish Multifamily Snapshot Q3 2020

The Swedish Multifamily Snapshot Q3 2020 is now available with new insights.

This week we started publishing our Q3 snapshots. Here are some headlines from the the Multifamily Snapshot. You can download the Multifamily Snapshot below.

Multifamily market key figures

Investment volumes for multifamily is down somewhat LTM y-o-y, but there has been a larger number of deals 2020YTD than there was during the same period in 2019. The deal number is thus higher, with smaller deal sizes. You can read more about the transactions in the Snapshot.

The investment market during the quarter

Institutions and institutionally backed companies continued to buy during the quarter. Sellers are to a large extent developers and municipalities. Learn more about the largest deals in the Snapshot.

The Swedish Multifamily market

The construction starts are forecasted to decline with 9% this year and with 11% for
next year, but the uncertainty is larger than usual because of Corona. Continue reading about constructions starts and completions in the Snaphot.

Download the CBRE Swedish Multifamily Snapshot Q3 2020 below.

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Research – Amanda Welander

Valuation – Daniel Holmkvist

Capital Markets – Lisen Heijbel and Bojan Ticic

Read more at cbre.se about Capital Markets, Valuation and Research.

Here you find the Swedish Multifamily Snapshot Q2, 2020. 

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Download the Multifamily Snapshot here:

Amanda Welander

Amanda Welander

Amanda är Head of Research, Sweden & Nordics. Amanda har djup fastighetskunskap och förståelse för finansiering och global makroekonomi. Hon har en bred erfarenhet inom analys från fastighets- och byggbranschen.
Kontaktuppgifter: +46733498757


Download the CBRE Swedish Multifamily Snapshot Q3 2020


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