01, 2020

Favourable conditions for real estate continues

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Low inflation, 0% interest rate and moderate economic growth will set the stage for another good year for properties. Recently CBRE Sweden published the Market Outlook 2020. Amanda Welander, Head of Research, Sweden & Nordics, CBRE, shares the report and the insights.
12, 2019

Summary of 2019 - how did we end up?

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This is the season to review how the year turned out compared to what we forecasted in our Real Estate Outlook 2019, before it’s time to look at the year ahead.
10, 2019

Brexit – ett långsamt farväl

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Vad försiggår kring Brexit? Kort sammanfattning vad det handlar om och vad som kan tänkas hända. Du får mer att läsa från våra kollegor i UK.
10, 2019

Logistics speeds up – Swedish Logistics Snapshot Q3 2019

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CBREs Hampus Otterhäll works exclusively with industrial & logistics and has performed several transactions in the segment. In this article he comments on Logistics Snapshot Q3 2019.
10, 2019

Real Estate Market Shaphots Q3 2019

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Please see the latest insights in our Snapshots, focusing on Office and Investment Markets. Här får du de senaste insikterna om kontors- och transaktionsmarknaden från CBREs experter.
10, 2019

The Evolution of Multifamily in Europe

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Marie Hunt, CBREs Head of Research, Ireland, shares her insights and knowledge about the evolution of Multifamily in Europe. Multifamily living is here to stay and will increasingly form part of mixed-use schemes the world over. Multifamily is now a mainstream institutional investment sector. It is not a short-term trend but a fundamental shift.

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